> UI feedback...(for those who care)
> I used to be a photoshop user back in the 3.* days
> I switched to the Gimp in 98 timeframe, I figured
> that
> hey I know how to use an image editor inside and out
> I should not have to read about how this thing
> works.
> the brushes menu did take me longer to find than
> most other UI
> features. However once i found it I did think it was
> rather intuitive.
> (p.s. adventually i did rtfm)

That was the purpose behind the addition of the brush
indicator - hopefully its a bit more obvious to click
on the brush to change it.  This was after 98 though,
so your "new user" experience may not be terribly
helpful in this case.  Any new users since the
addition of the brush indicators had problems?

Seth Burgess

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