Sven Neumann e-mailed me on Tue Nov  7 12:37:43 2000
(Re: "Re: signal handler problems in screenshot plug-in")
>> I took a look at bug #27786 "screenshot plugin on Solaris takes bus
>> I think that the best way to fix the screenshot plug-in is to add this
>> before the call to fork():
>>   gimp_signal_private (SIGCHLD, SIG_DFL, SA_RESTART);
>> (don't forget to #include <libgimp/gimpsignal.h>)
>This seems to work fine (at least under Linux). I'm only wondering why
>the gz, bzip2 and mail plugins do work under Solaris then. Or is this
>not the case ?

This *is* the case, at least under Solaris 8_x86.  None of these plugins
work for me.

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