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> file_gih_save. Dunno how it should be called from Perl, but in

About the same, except that you do not need to hardcode values for

> Obviously, this is not quite what you have in mind. Passing in all the

Yes, it is.

> has been loaded from a .tub file and thus has the
> gimp-brush-pipe-parameters parasite set up already, containing the

Hmm.. in my experience .tub files get loaded as flat images anyway
(saving the files interactively created only very large flat brushes, not
"animations" and I had to edit all the parameters myself), so I wasn't
really aware of the possibility of sensible defaults.

> necessary information. Should the args be ignored in such a case? Or
> should there be a separate PDB function,

good question. gimp really needs a way to specify default arguments. Some
magic value for each argument (e.g. -1 for numbers) would make it possible
to selectively override some arguments.

> file_gih_save_using_parameters_from_parasite or something? I assume
> PDB args can't be optional?

Quite a long time ago I hacked the pdb implementation to allow for
variable number of arguments, so if one left out the checks inside gimp
it should be possible to leave out agruments at the end. Obviously,
most plug-ins would break, though (although perl won't and other
generic-language-interfaces might not, either).

However, this won't help much, as often one wants to leave out something
in the middle, in which case marker values are most useful (NULL for
strings for example, or often -1 for ints).

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