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On Sat, Nov 11, 2000 at 03:38:33PM -0600, Chuck Egner wrote:
> Where could one find more information on gimp dev and testing?

Try IRC. There, and this mailing list.

> Is there a functional spec. anywhere?

No, not as such. In fact, many GIMP developers probably won't know
what you mean by "functional spec".

> Does anyone have a test suite that they can release to the public?

I don't, but I can say that the GIMP works for what I do most of the
time, and when it doesn't, I try to fix it. That's how I ended up in
the AUTHORS file :)

> Is there anyone specifically in charge of SQA?

Not AFAIK, but I think the GIMP project could really use some Quality
Assurance. If you have about three full-time people to donate to the
project it would be greatly appreciated by most developers and
resented by only a few.



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