Chuck Egner wrote:

> Hey all,
> Does anyone have a test suite that they can release to the public?
> Is there anyone specifically in charge of SQA?

After hours of struggle in the tropic heat,Wilber and Crew --finally! --
shifted the massive granite barrier just enough so that the small
band of intrepid explorers could cd to gimp/app/unittest.

Bunched together, wary, eyes wide orbs and still sun-blinded,
they crept cautiously down steep, stone steps into the cool darkness
of the directory, electric torches swinging to and fro, probing,
picking out here and there dusty shards of shattered shell scripts.

Quiet. then some soft scuttling off to the right where a dark form
massed against the wall.

Wilbur swung his torch to the right. They all gasped.

Lying in the pool of incandescence, clothes rotted, bones picked
clean, still intwined in the infinite loop that was his undoing,
the skeleton grinned back at the crew, sightless sockets empty,
black and unable to service connection requests.

"Asbjorn" Wilber whispered softly. "Asbjorn Pettersen."

"We all knew he was working down here somewhere. It looks
like it got the better of him, poor sod."

Frightened by the light, bugs scuttled into the dark recesses of
the Application, where few have dared to wander and even
fewer been known to return.

Be good, be well


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