I am the maintainer of the GIFT, the GNU Image Finding Tool. The GIFT
was programmed as part of the Viper project. When Viper was
accepted as GNU package (under the condition that we commit to
furnishing some more docs), we renamed it GIFT.

The GIFT enables you to search for images by their content. This
means you do not have to annotate (i.e. put keywords on) the images to
do similarity searches on them.

GIFT is a server framework that communicates with the outside world
using an XML-based communication protocol, MRML. This protocol is
simple and extensible.

Currently, the only MRML compliant client for the GIFT is SnakeCharmer,
mainly written by Zoran Pecenovic from EPFLausanne. This client is
written in JAVA, and Zoran and I are currently working on fixing the last
glitches we experience with Kaffe. It runs decently on JAVA. This is
nice, as we can use this pair for web demos like:


(this demo might be down, as we are currently
changing our server hardware).

This we already find quite cool :-)

What we would like to have:

Cooler, however, we would find a tight integration into the GIMP. Just 
imagine doing query by example (QBE) from the GIMP: take the current
image/layer from the GIMP, and do some QBE by operating some popup
menu. This would allow for query-by-sketch etc. .

Imagine more: such an MRML client would enable you to query GIFTs
everywhere. Imagine this
with content-based indexing. Imagine querying this with the GIMP,
without leaving the GIMP, and directly downloading images you have
found as layers into the GIMP.

What would be to do:

We have already some Perl routines that support XML (=> MRML).

What would be needed would be to get inspired by SnakeCharmer and
create a neat GIMP plugin. 

The other part that still needs quite an amount of improvement is the
treatment of images that are new to the collection. Indexing is too
slow to be done on the fly, but I guess we would find a solution for
that if there is a GIMP plugin.

Do you have any thoughts about that?

Is there any volunteer, or volunteer group? I would be happy to help
in taking the decision.


Wolfgang Müller, assistant-doctorant
Group Home Page:   http://vision.unige.ch/
    Viper's new name is: The GIFT. 
The GIFT is the GNU Image Finding Tool!
Get it at: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gift/

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