So. Finally I could do some test with my Intuos A5 and my Artpad II.

Garry R. Osgood ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 4. With pen still in hand, move to the interior of the selection region.
> 5. Press down and move the pen (this activates init_edit_selection()
>    and Edit Select tool methods that over-ride the rectangular select
>    tool-set.  also, the pause reference count is incremented in the
>    currently active Selection object; gimp_undo_freeze() had already
>    been invoked in a rectangular tool method context) a. Confirm: Move
>    cross icon appears. (if Cursor Mode is "Tool Icon")
> 6. If you have a Wacom Intuos tablet (and Grapphire too, I believe) you
>    have a right mouse button emulator on the pen body. Such a button
>    is often on pens of other models as well. Press this right mouse button
>    emulator now.
> 7. Do you obtain a right mouse button Image menu? Please report "yes" or "no"
>    to this news group, plus your tablet model and X Input device driver
>    (If you know). I have a Wacom Intuos attached to an SGI O2, and the driver
>    is the Wacom Tablet Driver for Intuos tablets Version 4.4.0 (SGI)

Notebook, Celeron 333, XFree86 3.3.6, Intuos A5:
I get a context menu. For the misbehaviour I do not need to be inside
the selection. If I make a selection, select e.g. a paint-tool, paint
someting (in- or outside the selection) and while pressing the pen down
press the "right mousebutton" a menu pops up. When selecting something
(e.g. tearing the menu off) the marching ants die. When opening a new image
they are alive for the new image.

This also happens without the "AlwaysCore" mode. Then the mousepointer
does not move with the tablet. Setting the Mode of the pen to "Window"
lets gimp draw its own cursor, the tablet is mapped to the image window.

Create a selection, select a paint tool and move the core pointer to the
image, using the mouse. Then use the pen to paint something and press
the right button of the pen. The menu will open. Selecting something
makes the ants die.

The Artpad II is interesting too: IIRC the protocol is a little bit fuzzy
about the difference between tapping on the tablet and pressing the right
button vs. the eraser side of the pen. The XFree86-Driver starts switching
between the Pen and the Eraser very fast. Sometimes the ants die, sometimes
not. The behaviour is unclear.

> I get a right mouse button Image menu, as if I had pressed the (actual)
> right mouse button in ungrabbed gdk_pointer mode. Had I omitted steps
> 1.a - 1.e and followed the remaining steps with either the mouse or the
> pen (Device status shows "Core Pointer" active), the generation of a right
> mouse button Image menu does not occur after step 5 "press down and move...".
> With the pen pointer (or left mouse button) pressed, the right mouse button
> appears to be ignored.

I can confirm this. Additionally pressing the right button of the mouse
when the pen is pressed onto the tablet will also be ignored.

> I would like to obtain a sense of how widespread this phenomenon
> is. Marc Lehmann reported to this list that he observed it on Simon
> Budig's machine at Systems'99, but not his own, and I believe Simon
> has a tablet/driver/machine quite different from an SGI O2. [See Re:
> Gimp help docs thread]]

It is possible that the graphire Marc had is more similiar to the
Artpad than to the Intuos. I will dig a little bit in the XFree86-Driver.

Hopefully we can fix this in a sensible manner.


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