On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, "Garry R. Osgood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 6. If you have a Wacom Intuos tablet (and Grapphire too, I believe) you
>    have a right mouse button emulator on the pen body. Such a button
>    is often on pens of other models as well. Press this right mouse button
>    emulator now.
> 7. Do you obtain a right mouse button Image menu? Please report "yes" or "no"
>    to this news group, plus your tablet model and X Input device driver
>    (If you know). I have a Wacom Intuos attached to an SGI O2, and the driver
>    is the Wacom Tablet Driver for Intuos tablets Version 4.4.0 (SGI)

I have a Wacom ArtPad II, and I am testing it with Gimp 1.1.29 on a PC
running Linux 2.2.13.  The Wacom driver from XFree 3.3.5 identifies my
tablet as: KT-0405-R00 V1.3-3.  If I am not mistaken, this is one of
the last models without tilt sensitivity - the V1.4 models have it.

The stylus and eraser are configured with AlwaysCore.  In the Gimp, if
I configure only the stylus in screen mode in the Input Devices
dialog, then pressing the pen button (simulating a right-click) does
nothing, except that the pointer jumps to a different position and
comes back when I release it.  The context menu is not displayed, and
I can continue dragging the selection after releasing the pen button.

If I activate both the stylus and the eraser in the Input Devices
dialog (both set to screen mode), then the Device Status window shows
that the current input device switches from the stylus to the eraser
when I press the pen button.  But I still do not get the context menu,
and I can continue dragging the selection.

I have never seen the "marching ants" problem.  However, switching
from stylus to eraser and back while dragging could probably cause
some problems (there is no ButtonRelease event when the current device
is changed).  Maybe I should test a bit more and see what happens if
the stylus and eraser are mapped to different tools.


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