Is there a possibility for a PlugIn
to run other PlugIns asyncron?

2 of my Plugins (the GAP Video/Navigator and
the Animated Preview in GAP Video/Move Path)
are currently calling the PlugIn animationplay
 return_vals =
 gimp_run_procedure ("plug_in_animationplay",
                    GIMP_PDB_INT32,    GIMP_RUN_NONINTERACTIVE,
                    GIMP_PDB_IMAGE,    l_new_image_id,
                    GIMP_PDB_DRAWABLE, -1,  /* dummy */

This blocks the GUI Dialog Windows,
until the animation play is closed
(by the user).
In that case It would make sense
to run the plug_in_animationplay
without waiting until finished.

If there is no way to do asyncron calls now
we should think about to add them,
for example with the names:


with the same parameters like the already
existing syncron versions.
But SUCCESS is returned immediate
after the requested plugin could be started.
gimp_run_async_procedure* does not
wait until the requested plugin has finished.

 I once tried to do a workaround
 by forking a playback process
 to call the plug_in_animationplay
 but this does not work !
 (when the animationplay terminates,
 the calling Plugin dies, 
 maybe when trying to call
 any gimp core function, while
 gimp thinks the plugin has already

Yours Wolfgang Hofer, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
(Author of GAP)

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