On Friday, 17 Nov 2000, Garry R. Osgood wrote:

> In light of an (is it coming? Really?) 1.2 Release
> The question I have for the group is:
> 1) Document, warn, but otherwise ignore the problem.
>    It affects users with a certain type of tablet hardware
>    and only when that hardware is being used as an explicit
>    XInput device. Wait for a GDK fix to remove its hidden policy?
> 2) Make a Gimp level hack in the much-abused event loop to
>    filter button presses that originate from devices when
>    a grab is in effect. (not pretty -- except for possibly
>    being pretty lame)?
> 3) Re-engineer select tool code to be more robust in button
>    press events (much work here)?
> Which of these is the best line of action? Do you have other
> proposals?

We would like a new GTK release for one other reason: the g_io_channel
handlers needed an new error code, and we supplied TimJ with a patch
to implement this.  Having this in GTK would mean we can get rid of
the mega-evil hack in the Gimp's g_io_channel use.  Has that patch
gone into GTK yet?

With now two reasons for a new GTK release, would the GTK maintainers
consider making it?


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