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> Is there a possibility for a PlugIn
> to run other PlugIns asyncron?

technically yes, but not using the current api (my discussion below, mind
you, focuses on the long-term solution not on any hacks that could be done
now to enable this fucntionality).

> If there is no way to do asyncron calls now
> we should think about to add them,

The PDB has a lot of other problems that should be addressed in one batch
(like the many ugly ALT functions) and not before 1.2, of course ;)

> But SUCCESS is returned immediate

And how would one get the results?

> after the requested plugin could be started.
> gimp_run_async_procedure* does not
> wait until the requested plugin has finished.

These functions would (with the current API) be just a hack (that does not
mean that they maybe should be implemented since the 1.2 design will not
likely survive in it's present form anyway), but for the long-term-future
we need a different solution.

BTW, has anybody thought about my proposal in favour of MCOP (fast &
multimedia-capable) rather than CORBA (not multimedia capable)?

>  I once tried to do a workaround
>  by forking a playback process
>  to call the plug_in_animationplay
>  but this does not work !

Did it crash? ;)

Well, that is an idea. With some kind of connection identifier it should
be easy to multiplex. In fact the Perl-Server does just this and you could
use that to make an synchroneous call - a quite more horrible hack, of
course ;)

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