On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 07:59:17PM +0100, Simon Budig 
> > See README.perl. It's where you told perl to install extensions.
> Hmm - IMHO at least for these additional files (not the module itself)
> the option specified at the top level ./configure should be inherited.

configure does not have such an option at the moment.

> >From README.perl I learn that I have only the chance to set one prefix.
> Wouldnt this install the Gimp-Perl module in /unstable (in my case)
> and perl would not find the module?

The whole point of ignoring the gimp prefix is that using it will create
a non-working end-result in about 100% of the cases where the prefixes
disagree. So if you want to have gimp-perl installed somewhere else you
should better be prepared to cope with that and most people are not.

> BTW: The Perl installation happily installs the man-pages to
> /usr/local/man/man?   while the scripts gimpdoc and xcftoppm
> reside in /usr/bin. This is inconsistent.

This is strange and probably has nothing to do with perl's idea of the
prefix. Which configure options did you use? I suspect that this relates
to the othewr problems you did encounter (since gimp-perl is utterly
confused on your system at the moment I would expect it to do very strange

> make
> make install
> perl was OK at this time.
> (today after major changes in app/)
> cvs update
> make

This is very strange. Did configure.in or similar files chgange and you
didn't re-run autogen.sh and make distclean?

> I am not sure, if the make re-invoked the top-level configure script.

that should work (it normally does). the question is what triggered this.

> Checkout. Normally the make re-invokes the autogen.sh script when it
> is necessary.

I've never seen this and I really doubt that autogen.sh will be run
automatically. AFAIK you have to re-run autogen.sh manually after
configuration changes (basically you have to re-run it always, but you get
away with it 99% of the time, otherwise we'd all run autogen.sh for the
whole time).

> Ok, but this time I did not yet mess with the Makefile...

Yeah, I believe you. Tell me if the problems persist after make distclean
and re-running autogen.sh. If they do, we need to fix this ASAP.

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