On Sun, 19 Nov 2000, "Garry R. Osgood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have attached a patch to gtk+-1.2.8/gdk/gdkinputcommon.h 
> that modifies gdk_input_common_find_events() so that it
> will simply select device-specific event classes, given
> an  event_mask of GDK_XXXX_MASK values, without imposing relationships
> among events. Ants march. I no longer see diversionary menus fly in my
> face, and gimp otherwise seems to work well on the SGI's and the Linux
> laptop. I'd appreciate it if any sufferers of #10498 could try it out
> and see (1) if #10498 goes away and (2) brand new strangeness
> does not arise in gimp or other applications. Post feedback/problems
> here. I'd like to submit this (or something very much like this),
> 2000-11-22, to the GTK+ crew.

I tested this patch yesterday with my Wacom ArtPad II and as I
expected, it had no effect.  The problem with the ArtPad II (at least
with the XFree86 driver) is that it generates proximity in/out events
that switch between the pen and the eraser when the pen is down and
the side button is pressed.  This causes the Gimp to switch to a
different tool and this messes up the undo stack, among other things.
Since this ArtPad II bug shadows the GTK+ bug that you have fixed with
your patch, I have not seen any changes in the Gimp or any other
application that I tested.

More testing is needed, by people who have another type of tablet.

Your patch looks good and should probably go into gtk-1.2.9 if it does
not break anything (alas, I cannot test this).  If this fixes #10498
for everybody except the ArtPad II users, then it may be better to
close #10498 and open a new bug report that deals with the ArtPad II.
What do you think?

By the way, while testing what happens when the Gimp switches between
different tools while you are dragging the selection, I managed to get
some strange results besides the usual corruption of the undo stack
and the vanishing marching ants: I had the rectangular selection tool
active (as seen in the toolbox and the tool options dialog) with the
context cursor of the blend tool.  The pen was configured to use the
selection tool, and the eraser was configured to use the blend tool.
Dragging the pen with the side button pressed caused the Gimp to
switch between the two tools very quickly (because of the dozens of
incorrect proximity in/out events) and when I stopped, the cursor was
not matching the current tool.  And the image was corrupted with no
chance to undo this mess, but this is usual...  ;-)


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