Raphael Quinet wrote:

> I tested this patch yesterday with my Wacom ArtPad II and as I
> expected, it had no effect.  The problem with the ArtPad II (at least
> with the XFree86 driver) is that it generates proximity in/out events
> that switch between the pen and the eraser when the pen is down and
> the side button is pressed.  This causes the Gimp to switch to a
> different tool and this messes up the undo stack, among other things.
> Since this ArtPad II bug shadows the GTK+ bug that you have fixed with
> your patch, I have not seen any changes in the Gimp or any other
> application that I tested.

I did a grep on all gdk_pointer_grab() in gimp/app; not one call 
requests proximity events during grabs, so even if XFree86 has reason
to generate them, they will be supressed on the X server side during
grab periods. But you are seeing them in the event stream to your
Gimp image window? -- strange... (deep ponder mode) I have XFree86
on the laptop, if I can grab an older ArtPad II from somewhere...

> More testing is needed, by people who have another type of tablet.

Agreed. One or two is not sufficient, and patch authors suffer from hubris ;)

> Your patch looks good and should probably go into gtk-1.2.9 if it does
> not break anything (alas, I cannot test this).  If this fixes #10498
> for everybody except the ArtPad II users, then it may be better to
> close #10498 and open a new bug report that deals with the ArtPad II.
> What do you think?

I received a prompt reply from Owen Taylor following my submission
of GTK+ bug report #32617, however, there is not complete buy-in from
him that it is a GTK problem. See http://bugs.gnome.org/db/32/32617.html.
(My response to his feedback is not posted yet: 21:43 EST (-5.00))

Thank you for the report. Not too many are testing this, which gives rise
to an old saying:

   There are two kinds of software.
    1. The kind everybody hates
    2. The kind nobody uses.

Could it be that actually activating X Input is so frustrating that people
do not use it? Is core-pointer emulation mode the typically comfortable way
to use a tablet with the Gimp?

Be good, be well


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