Hi everyone,

About three weeks ago now I found a bug in the TGA loader. I patched it
and sent the patch to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I got a reply that it had been
forwarded to the maintainer of the plugin, but I haven't heard anything
since. So I'm trying the mailinglist.

The problem is the following: if the TGA file is smaller than 26 bytes
the loader will give an error, even though there are legal TGA files
possible that are smaller than 26 bytes. I patched it and so far it
works fine here. I have a patch but it's from tga.c in 1.1.29 to my
fixed tga.c. Should I make a context diff that works from the root of
the tree or is it ok to post the file patch (which has to be applied in
plug-ins/common? Should I make a changelog entry (read something about
that, not sure how it works).

I realise that these may be a rather hair-splitting questions but I'm
new to all this and I couldn't find anything in the FAQ about them so
I'm asking them here. 


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