On Friday, 24 Nov 2000, Lourens Veen wrote:

> About three weeks ago now I found a bug in the TGA loader. I patched it
> and sent the patch to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I got a reply that it had been
> forwarded to the maintainer of the plugin, but I haven't heard anything
> since. So I'm trying the mailinglist.

I think Nick Lamb fixed it in CVS:

2000-11-18  Nick Lamb  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * plug-ins/common/tga.c: Fix alleged problem with small images

This fix will be more widely available when Yosh makes another 1.2
release candidate available.  It's been almost a month since 1.1.29 so
we're probably due another test release soonish (Yosh?)


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