On Fri, Nov 24, 2000 at 02:47:45PM +0000, Austin Donnelly wrote:
> Alessandro Baldoni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is still maintaining it.
> I've exchanged some email with him.


> He says he has his own patches to work with the latest Gimp.

No problem, mine just rewrote all the #defined stuff to match the new
ones. -- Hardly an earth shattering innovation :)

> Thanks for your help though!  Why not take a look at the bugtracker
>   http://bugs.gnome.org/db/pa/lgimp.html
> and pick a juicy bug to fix: we'd be forever greatful!

Time, time time ... maybe post current work crisis! The pcd thing was
a classic 'scratch that personal itch' patch...

will have a look at the code at some point though.



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