My list file loader works now (installed the newest gimp and uses ugly
cutting and pasting (although gimp does it quite fast)), I'm sure I
could've used the sequence loader but due to they way I'm getting images
(this is not for an anim), the list file works best.  IMHO, maybe we could
use "load to image to layer" calls (although I guess it is messy for the
file itself could be multilayered)....or maybe a more efficient "layer
mover" (one that does not duplicate data, so we can transfer drawables 
between images)...

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Jarda Benkovsky wrote:

> Maneesh Yadav wrote:
> > 
> > Hi all, I needed a way to load up multiple image files to separate layers
> > of a single image...I thought about it for awhile but the best I could
> please, look at specifically
> the SequenceFile script. I guess it does what you need
> Would somebody of Gimp developers look at the scripts (not the raw
> plugin) there and considered their inclusion in GIMP distro?
> </RANT>
>                               Edheldil

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