I'm not sure what state the gimp is in (I think you guys are in a feature
freeze right?), but I would like to humbly propose the following (if there
isn't a way to do it already):

A lot of plugins (obviously) work over an image on a tile by tile basis,
and since the selection mask is applied automatically to the tiles, why
not have a way of giving tile iterators only the tiles that have pixels
that are in the selection...although I can't come up with an
example I'm sure that if this was applied transparently there
would be problems, but what about something
like a "in_selection" bit that is a member of the pixel reigon (the bit is
set for the tile when the user makes a selection) that tells you whether
or not all the pixels of the tile are outside the selection, so the
plugins has a chance to skip the tile...
Am I making any sense or is there already an easy way to do this (it seems
easy enough to impliment <famouns last words>)...

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