This is an emergency release due to a bug in the configure script.
This bug was fixed in beta, but reappeared due to a system upgrade
that replaced the fixed file.

There is another quality fix.  All users should take this upgrade.

Gimp-Print 4.0.4 contains the following fixes over Gimp-Print 4.0.3:

1) The gimp-print configure script failed on version of the Gimp older
   than 1.1.20 or thereabouts, give or take a few versions.  That
   should now work correctly.  This bug was present in 4.0b2 and was
   fixed in 4.0b3; it reappeared due to a system upgrade on the build

2) A bug in the color conversion routine caused very serious
   posterization effects in certain images (specifically, in regions
   of very low saturation) in Photograph mode.

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