[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-11-28 at 0830.20 -0500):
> > i would like to be able to move the image being worked on outside (or at
> > least almost outside) the visable window.
> >
> <Image Menu>->Image->Canvas Size. Set the canvas to be larger (Say 800 X 800)
> Use the positioning widget at the bottom of the dialog box to position the layer
> somewhere in the middle of the canvas. Select OK.
> Hope this is what you want.

I would prefer to have a setting for how much void space I want
between the image border and the ruler. That way the image is the
desired size (no canvas resize), but you have more space and do not
collide with the rulers or other widgets when painting, for example.
Like when you zoom out, you can see space, but being able to see it
too even if zoomed in or a really big image.

Current does not leave any borders (supose 300 * 300 image in a window
that displays 300 * 300 fine, scrollbars and other widgets not shown):

100%   50%     200%
###   @@@   ###***
###   @#@   ###***
###   @@@   ###***



 # Image - visible (inside window)
 @ GTK bg
 * Image - not visible (outside window)

Of course, here with ASCII art it looks crude (1/3 of window wasted
can be too much), but if the value is controlable (0..2048 pix for
example), it should be nice (most people would set it to the size of
current biggest brush, I guess, or at least half the size of brush).


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