Dear sirs,

I'm using various keyboards, among which several have the layout that
was the customary one before the advent of the ubiquitous PC keyboard.
I.e., the key in the upper-right part of the main keyboard is the Delete
key (key value 127, key symbol Delete). There is no Backspace key on
these keyboards, and this is not really absurd, since a back space means
something mainly on a printing terminal, not on a graphic one.

You can find this layout on the Digital LK keyboards, the NCD N108
and vt220 keyboards, the Sun type 4, the Tektronix XN11, etc. It is also
the layout of all alphanumeric terminals derived from the celebrated

The problem is that the Gimp considers that the key in this position is
always a Backspace, and thus defines code C-h as erasing the character
on left, while DEL erases the character on right. This is very
inconvenient when the keyboard is not conform to the dominant one.

                        Olivier Lecarme

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