Olivier Lecarme said...
|The problem is that the Gimp considers that the key in this position is
|always a Backspace,

I'm assuming you are using the X Window system and a UNIX variant,
based on the systems you mentioned.  If so, the issue is probably
not the GIMP, since it doesn't know anything about which keys are
in which "positions".  It knows about keycodes, which are mapped
to individual keys by the X11 server.

Your server has some key mapped as the backspace key.  The GIMP
simply uses whatever your X11 server thinks is the backspace key.

If there's a way to easily customize this in the GIMP, I don't
recall it.  You can get a program called (I think) xkeyboard
that wil let you easily determine and reconfigure your keyboard
mapping.  If you can't find that, you'll need to run xevent from
a terminal window, press the key in question inside the window
that pops up, look in the terminal window to see what keycode was
generated, then use xmodmap to change the mapping.

| and thus defines code C-h as erasing the character
|on left, while DEL erases the character on right. This is very
|inconvenient when the keyboard is not conform to the dominant one.

Actually, this is the normal behavior for text handling on almost
every program I've ever used.


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