Right, but then there's another problem (at least for me). How would I
change my Xmodmap so that gimp will do a delete-forward when I press my
delete key? There would have to be at least one X key message that gets
interpreted as such, otherwise modifying Xmodmap to get the old
behaviour back would be impossible.

I appreciate that on text terminals it's unavailable, simply because it
does not make sense, but that does not mean that windowing systems
should remain without delete-forward. It's the common way of doing
things, and even if in theory it is wrong then one should ask whether to
change the standard, try to change practice, or simply supporting both.

Lourens Veen

Richard Stallman wrote:
> Thanks for sending the report.
> Gimp developers, I asked Olivier to report this because it is a
> serious (though superficial) problem.  Since the Gimp only runs under
> a window system, it should be able to handle both Backspace and Delete
> in the same way (as delete-backwards), since both of them can be
> distinguished from the ASCII characters C-h and DEL.

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