Lourens Veen said...
|Right, but then there's another problem (at least for me). How would I
|change my Xmodmap so that gimp will do a delete-forward when I press my
|delete key? There would have to be at least one X key message that gets
|interpreted as such, otherwise modifying Xmodmap to get the old
|behaviour back would be impossible.

I completely agree.

|I appreciate that on text terminals it's unavailable, simply because it
|does not make sense, but that does not mean that windowing systems
|should remain without delete-forward. It's the common way of doing
|things, and even if in theory it is wrong then one should ask whether to
|change the standard, try to change practice, or simply supporting both.

Absolutely.  And there are gazillions of people
who *expect* to have both delete-forward and delete-backward
supported, usually handled by (surprise!) Delete and Backspace.

And since the GIMP is pretty useless in a test terminal only world,
I don't see text terminal stuff mattering.

And the fact is, I worked on text terminals for years before
graphics wree common.  I still do the majority of my work on
Linux in terminal windows.  And I wanted both delete-forward
and delete-backwards based on rational keys (like Delete and
Backspace) even back then.  It's real handy with editors.

The whole world isn't emacs.


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