SN> GIMP does not do anything about key mappings and it will never do. 
SN> Configure your X-Server correctly and you're done.

I would like to make it clear that I do know how to use xmodmap or other
X tools. This is NOT a problem of configuring my X server: the Delete
key on my keyboard sends a Delete keysym, and I have no reason to change
it in order to send a Backspace, especially because this would break
most other tools.

Although the PC keyboard is by far the dominant keyboard in the world,
it is a design mistake to have put a large Backspace key in place of the
Delete key of all the preceding keyboards (note that computers and
keyboards existed before the advent of the PC).

In order to correct this design mistake, programs like Emacs have
interpreted the Backspace keysym as a DEL for years, knowing that the
Backspace character can always be typed as a C-h, and that users are
accustomed to erase on right using a C-d. However, this has the
inconvenience that in the non-window case, the Backspace key sends a
C-h, which is interpreted as a call for help.

For programs designed after the PC has begun to be the dominant
computer, most implementors have taken as granted that a Backspace key
is meant to erase on left, and a Delete key is meant to erase on right.
This was the simplest solution for them, but it is fundamentally wrong.
I have the feeling to preach in the desert when I try to convince people
of that, but at least they should try to understand the problem, and
even try to find a solution which would work for everybody.

                        Olivier Lecarme

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