Olivier Lecarme ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> For programs designed after the PC has begun to be the dominant
> computer, most implementors have taken as granted that a Backspace key
> is meant to erase on left, and a Delete key is meant to erase on right.
> This was the simplest solution for them, but it is fundamentally wrong.
> I have the feeling to preach in the desert when I try to convince people
> of that, but at least they should try to understand the problem, and
> even try to find a solution which would work for everybody.

Ok, Ill give it a try. Please specify, where in Gimp you notice the
wrong behaviour. I cannot check this, since every Keyboard I have access
to is a PC-Style Keyboard, where the X-Server maps the Key above the
Return Key to the "BackSpace" Keysym and the key to the right of the
return key to the "Delete" Keysym (as reported by xev, this is a
SuSE-Linux right now)

In an XTerm The "BackSpace"-Keysym deletes the character to the left
of the cursor and moves the cursor one position to the left.
The "Delete"-Keysym deletes the character under the cursor and
does not change the cursor position. In both cases the text to the
right of the cursor is moved one position to the left.

In a randomly chosen Text-Entry field in the Gimp the behaviour is
the same (but the cursor is a vertical line between two chars).

So what exactly is the Problem?

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