Hi all,
I ran across what I believe to be a strange bug, I have sinced fixed the
source but I'll try to give a verbose explanation here, let me know if
someone wants an example (the problem is that is a little unreproducible):

I made a list file loader which opens a file with a newline delimited list
of filenames, and creates an image whose layers correspond to  the
the files in the list. It creates a new image and then a new layer (we'll
call it newImage and baseLayer).  I open up each image in the list, cut
each layer out and paste it into newImage (via
gimp_floating_sel_to_layer), then delete the image that was opened, and
repeat for the next filename...

Problem: I would get glib "couldn't allocate x bytes errors" un- 
reproducibly, the error would come from the
gimp_image_delete(tempImageIJustOpened) call.

What *seems* to fix it (I hope I am not speaking to soon):

I initially made the baseLayer 1x1 (since I only use it to paste ala


Increasing the size to 100x100 seems to make the problem go away...

Hope it is not an error on my part, but just thought I'd report it.
Seth suggested inserting a sleep call between openining the images (since
I guess I am kinda doing it fast and there was a similar bug report), but
it didn't help.


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