On Tue, 2000-12-05 at 16:01:17, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Probably a good idea, but I doubt we can count this as a bugfix. We 
> should consider integrating a fix like this after the 1.2 release.

This patch _fixes_ GIMP translations. Currently it's _impossible_ to
correctly translate GIMP to any slavic language (and probably many others).
Polish GIMP users keep saying "Can you speak Polish? Translation is broken!"
and the only thing we can say is "Sorry, it's developers' fault, but please
wait another 1-2 years for GIMP 1.4/2.0 release and hopefully it will be
Patch is extremely simple, it doesn't touch existing code at all. Why don't
you like it?

> But actually I would prefer a real solution instead of something hacked
> around gettext. 

What do you expect me to do? Create replacement for gettext? Actually I _am_
going to create one, but I doubt whether it could be done before the 1.2
release and even if I manage to do this, I'm sure you wold say "I doubt we
can count this as a bugfix". I want GIMP _1.2_ to be correctly translated
and I don't see any other proposals besides my patch.


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