I had an idea for a new way of modifying the current selection: tighten.

The problem it solves is as follows: suppose you have some dark
coloured text on a white background, and you'd like to select it.  The
problem is that none of the current tools allow you to do that easily.
Probably the easiest way would be to use select by colour, but that
would catch other stuff that was a similar colour.

So my proposal is a new "tighten" operation on the current selection.
What it (conceptually) does is shrink the current selection, stopping
when it hits an edge in the image, until the selection shrink wraps
the edges.

With this, you could lasso the general area the text is in, then go
<Image>/Selection/Tighten to get just your text.

I think Color-It! or possibly SuperPaint on the Mac had this about
8-10 years ago.

  A) Does this already exist?
  B) Is there an easier or better way of doing this task?

Obviously, you wouldn't implement it as I described above: it would probably
be better to do some kind of seeded flood fill in the selection mask
based on image pixel gradients.  You could probably do this in a
plugin too, a bit like Andy's sel2path.

Anyone feel like running with this idea and coding it up?  Obviously
not something for 1.2, but as a plugin it has its own separate
existence.  I give my usual excuses about not having enough time.


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