Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What are the plans for maintenance of 1.2?  At some point (long before
> 1.4), we're going to do a gimp-print 4.2; it may even happen in 3
> months or so if the quality (particularly color) improvements outrun
> the rest of the development projects.  Will there be any kind of
> release train such that there will be a convenient way of getting
> something into later versions of 1.2, or will everything be happening
> in 1.3?

Hi Robert,

Gimp-Print will of course go into the stable branch. It's not yet clear
when we will fork off 1.3 (because there real plan is to start 2.0
development from a clean tree...), but as Gimp-Print is one of our
most important plug-ins, it will always be updated in both the stable
and unstable branches.


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