Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What are the plans for maintenance of 1.2?  At some point (long before
> 1.4), we're going to do a gimp-print 4.2; it may even happen in 3
> months or so if the quality (particularly color) improvements outrun
> the rest of the development projects.  Will there be any kind of
> release train such that there will be a convenient way of getting
> something into later versions of 1.2, or will everything be happening
> in 1.3?

As Mitch already pointed out, bug fixes will go into the 1.2.x branch.

We think about having a 1.3 branch which should lead into a stable 1.4
release. The goal of this branch will be to cleanup a lot of the gimp's
internal structures to make it easier to port that stuff to gimp-2.0.

The gimp-2.0 development should begin at the same time but it might take
some time before a useable application with comparable features evolves
from this effort. As we do not intend to keep the plug-in API backwards
compatible in 2.0, some parts of gimp-print will have to be rewritten
at some point.

I'm actually preparing sort of a RFC for "The future of GIMP" which I
want to present to this list pretty soon.

Salut, Sven

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