>- Tab order on most dialogs is not perfect
>- 90% of the dialogs don't have properly setup default action buttons.

>- One can never get rid of an accidentally brought up dialog using the
>"esc" key. It should naturally default to activating dialog's "Cancel"

    Unable to press the "esc" key to cancel the menu tree is
definitely a nuisance. Each time I used the right mouse
click to do something, I find I need to end it with a
couple more mouse clicks instead of the simple "esc"

- one or more mouse clicks to make sure the current mouse pointer is
  safe, i.e. it is not the left over fill bucket pointer that
  I have just used a few seconds ago; if it is I need a few
  more mouse clicks to find the main toolbox, then click on some
  safe pointer such as box selection.
- finally when the pointer is safe from any accidents, then
  either click on the image itself or the border, or the title
  bar to get rid of the unwanted menu.

   Is this the way people are using the menu or is there 
a better way out that I missed ?

  On the positive side, gimp's feature is getting better and
better. I like to thank whoever puts in the Alpha->Logo ,cause
now I can get rid of my private hacked script which does essentially
the same thing !!

Cheers !

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