You received the respose you received because the developers of the GIMP
work their butts off to produce a good, FREE program in their own time
and without compensation.  You then call them a bunch of idiots and
curse at them without offering much in the way of constructive
criticism.  If you have such a problem with the GIMP either help make it
better or go use something else!
Now as for the few constructive comments you made --  Because gimp is a
graphics program, most people are already working with a mouse or
pointer or some other tool so maybe no one thought about the shortcuts
for accessing the menus.  The tear-aways are not useless.  I personally
rarely use them, but I can imagine many situations in which they would
be invaluable.  If you learn to control your mouse or pen or whatever
you will not have problems with them appearing when you don't want
them.  the configurable shortcuts are extremely convenient and I have
often used them myself for functions I access frequently.
If you feel compelled to write to this list again in the future, please
do so in a polite and constructive manner and without the expletives. 
Some of us may be offended by your profanity and that isn't about to get
you the results you desire.
Thank you.

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