> I could be wrong and this key could be "customizable" too, but in my
> experience, hitting the "r" key while inside an image changes your current
> tool to "rectangular select" which I find to be the least "damaging" if you
> accidentally click somewhere.  Most of the toolbox actions fortunately DO have
> shortcut keys.

FYI: These shortcuts are indeed configurable, because the tools in the toolbox
are the same as in the <image>->tools menu and thus have configurable
shortcuts. Yeah. Those configurable shortcuts you blamed in your first

> * Configurable menu shortcut keys?  Who the fuck uses that?  I would
>   rather see consistent menu hotkeys so I can do Alt-F-X to exit the
>   application rather than be able to customize what key I press to save
>   the image.  Another useless feature, in my opinion.

Personally I use configurable Menu shortcuts always and I'd pretty
pissed, if they'd disappear. Personally I *hate* the "Alt-F-X" way
to navigate the menus because:

* There is no way to resolve duplicates - and what does it help if the
  Shortcut-key is the third letter of the Word you want to select?
  You want to accelerate your work - and decyphering from some
  accidentially underlined letter which is the current shortcut does
  not improve your speed.

* it is inconsistent and impossible to translate between different
  languages (And I *do* switch between german and english): Now you
  can give hints like "Press CTRL-L to open the L&C-Dialog", this would
  be impossible with "If you use an english Gimp press Alt-D-L, if you
  use an german Gimp press Alt-D-E(benen)"...  I remember the switch
  from Pagemaker 4 to 5: all shortcuts changed, because they changed their
  translation philosophy to translate the Shortcuts too: It was definitely
  a PITA.

* it is blocking a huge amount of "regular" Shortcuts. I *want* to use
  Alt-F/E/S/V/I/L/T/D/R (note that the "Filters" entry would probably
  end up with an "R" as a shortcut because all other letters are already
  occupied...)/G/V/C  for something other than invoking menus.

(That said: A shortcut to open the <image>-menu would be good, further
menupoints could be reached with the cursor-keys.)

IIRC we already discussed these issue when you brought up this thing
some time ago. However, I dont remember a good solution for these
problems and I'm unable to find the thread in the archive. So
I guess this remains unimplemented - and I'm not unhappy about this.


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