> On 11 Dec 2000, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Ask politely next time.
> Excuse me sir for not being so polite.  You should read my previous email
> where you will find most of the same issues repeated without using foul
> language that you are so afraid of seeing.  However, if at all possible,
> may I suggest you re-read the original email even if that means filtering
> it through a bad language filter to get the contents.  There are a lot of
> very important (in my opinion, and possibly others', too) issues about
> general usability and accessibility of The Gimp user interface.  Once
> again, I am sorry that you had to put up with inappropriate
> language.  Hopefully you will read my follow-up email on this subject and
> be less offended.

Fine, back to feature discussion.

I did indeed save you mail in my "TODO" folder, even if I don't want to read
it again :)

Many of your points already _are_ on bugs.gnome.org's wishlist. Especially
the "Enter == OK", "Esc == Cancel" stuff is somethig I've been thinking
about for a long time. You can expect a more better organized UI for
1.3/1.4. (Which also means we should probably put "OK" rightmost in
all dialogs to match the order given in the "ESC/Enter" scheme).

The fact that you told the truth in many points does not at all affect
the fact that you just insulted the developers and thus cannot excpect
to be heared, no matter how useful your suggestions were.

Shouting out at people who do this stuff in their free time is
generally a bad idea...


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