> I am rather shocked.  For someone who doesn't really know me, that's some
> pretty bold statements.  But then again, I've come to expect that from
> you, dear Sven, so I don't really take it too seriously.  You are still
> upset from when I called you an asshole about a year ago. :)

I think I know you good enough from the various provocative statements
you made in various places on the web insulting the members of the Free 
Software community. I must admit that I always had a good laugh at your 
statements and I'm not taking you really serious. You can continue to 
call me an asshole without any problem at my part. I just refuse to work 
with you since I do not like the style you use to propose your ideas 
even though you made some good points.

> On the side note, one thing that could use serious serious improvement is
> the preferences dialog.  I think, the "Tree" structure of organizing
> preferences is truly confusing.  Reserve tree structures for directory
> lists and things like that.  Someone using the Gimp for the first time
> would expect preferences dialog to look something similar to a tabbed
> notebook where each setting is grouped by section, which occupies one tab
> of the notebook, etc.

We had this design before and switched to the tree structure since the
notebook interface simply didn't work. A lot of other programs (not only 
GNOME) are using the same interface (Netscape, Mozilla for example) and
IMHO it's a good way to present the user with a large amount of 
configuration options.

Salut, Sven

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