|So, my friends, don't get your panties in a bunch because a perfectly
|valid email includes the word "shit" in it's title.  The only reason I got
|this kind of response is either because a) you know about all of these
|problems and furious that you can't fix them due to toolkit deficiencies,
|or b) you seriously don't understand my concerns.

Are you on drugs?  Or just the sort of person who doesn't
give a rip what kind of impression they make, and whether
people take them seriously?

It's not just the words you use, it's the whole tone of your post,
which was...

   ``I'm the only person who knows anything.  You
   prople don't care, and are too stupid to go to
   the bathroom yourselves.  At the same time I'm
   too important to actually offer to do anything
   besides offer my brilliant, scathing criticism
   of your pathetic software and intellectual

In Texas, we call people who act like that "jackasses"
(when we're ina good mood).  And we ignore them.

If you hadn't come in on such a high horse, you
would have gotten a much better perception.  But
since you acting like a long-eared, arrogant ass,
what do you expect?

-Miles, speaking only for himself and many Texans

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