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> On the side note, one thing that could use serious serious improvement is
> the preferences dialog.  I think, the "Tree" structure of organizing
> preferences is truly confusing.  Reserve tree structures for directory
> lists and things like that.  Someone using the Gimp for the first time
> would expect preferences dialog to look something similar to a tabbed
> notebook where each setting is grouped by section, which occupies one tab

They would expect that only if they've used Microsoft Windows 95 through
to somewhere in the late 1990s. The mechanism used in Gimp is most widely
considered to be far superior for potentially complex preferences lists.

Tabbed notebooks are rarely the Right Thing unless you have only three
or four clearly differentiated item groups. We've got lots more. It's
also funny how people add 12 more tabs, and don't consider a re-design
-- look at Visual Studio (at least circa 1998) for such nonsense.

If you're claiming to be teaching _us_ about GUI design you should know
this stuff. This is rapidly getting off topic, and concentrating on
your specific wants, rather than general usability everyone will agree
on (for example, ESC = Cancel seems pretty reasonable to me)


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