On Mon, 11 Dec 100, Miles O'Neal wrote:

> |There is a difference between assigning a
> |shortcut key to activate a menu item when the menu is not open, and a
> |key to operate the menu by using the keyboard.  I know the former is
> |easily customizable by pressing the desired key combo while an item is
> |selected.  However there is no way to set the last one, without changing
> |menu definitions.  Gtk provides the "_" character in gtkitemfactory and
> |other places for this purpose.  The top-most menus in Gimp have these
> |keys, but anything below does not.  I am talking something like pressing
> |Alt-F to open the File menu, then pressing "O" to open the "Open..." menu.
> |Or Alt-H to get to Help, then "A" to get the about dialog. etc.  Most of
> |you probably don't care though, and that's exactly why my original email
> |generated nothing but angry responses.

> I believe I've already covered that last issue.  As far as the menus go,
> I for one, HATE the kind of shortcuts you're describing.  I have never,
> ever seen the point of them.  To me, they are a *total* waste of time.
> The current sort of shortcuts work quite well.  I don't recall *ever*
> hearing another request (much less flame) that we change this, or even
> add your feature.  They may have been a request for that feature, but
> it certainly wasn't a big deal like you've made it, or I think we would
> all remember it and have addressed it one way or another.

I think these sort of menu short-cuts would be helpful, especially for
users who are migrating from other Windows programs. It allows the
convience of the keyboard while still being able to get an idea of what
the program is going to do with the series of keys that are entered.

I must say however that timecop's use of intimidating language is
un-called for for making requests. If you don't like it, go buy Photoshop.

Chris the Christianfreak

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