On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 08:26:59PM +0100, Michael Natterer wrote:

> > As for the plugin distribution, I think the nicest way would be to have
> > a plugin manager that would enable you to download plugins from the web
> > on the fly. Something Linux distributions have too, you just connect to
> > the server, list the available plugins, let the user select what he/she
> > wants, download and install them. That would IMHO certainly be the
> > nicest solution.
> Yeah, Snorfle (I think) had a quite detailled proposal about this on
> his Gimp pages but I dont find it any more... :(
        http://adrian.gimp.org/plugins/  maybe?
        Thats at least a year old now, so it's probabaly a bit dated,
but alas...

> We're thinking of a Server directory structure which would enable such
> automatic downloads. Basically a tree like the Debian FTP servers.
> The client side of this shoulkd be relatively easy to implement
> (we don't really want Debian-like dependencies, do we? :-)

        yah, lots of ways to go. Just need to decide what our
contraints are. The stuff mentioned above was intended to
be as simple as possible ( ie, a shell script could make
a good try as a client...).     

        Current buzzwords would probabaly make the package
descriptions xml of some sort. Binaries would be a bit different,
but the basic ideas are there. Bin's also have a ton of security
implications, but that can be mitigated to some degree with
gpg signing, etc. 


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