[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-12-13 at 0057.14 +0100):
> I think it would be a good idea to add a grid function like some other

Are you speaking about something like the Perl scripts that create a
grid and remove guides?

> Also, is there any way to make dialogs so we can copy-paste from them? 
> I at least can't seem to with my wacom.  This would be nice for error
> msgs, author e-mails, etc.

It is one of the things I dislike of GUI: you can not copy info from
screen lots of times. In the GNOME GUI list there is a proposition to
make the About window selectable (!= editable) so you can copy emails
as you say. IMO there should a way to copy data from GUI, but not
making screenshots, something like XPDF selection of text.


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