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   > So what happens when the four plug-ins in a dynamically generated
   > sub-menu are called:
   > _C_ool splash effect
   > _C_ool burn-through
   > _O_rangify
   > _C_lout

   You shouldn't even have to worry about issues like this.  Naturally,
   repeately pressing the "C" key would toggle through the list of available
   items that have "C" as the shortcut.

Not very obvious to me, actually.  I'd probably get trapped in this
for a while.

   Hey, that's -YOUR- window key.


At work, on my Sun, I don't even *have* a window key, or a penguin
key, or any of that.  This key is *not* a standard part of a generic
keyboard.  I get annoyed enough at programs that assume F1..F12 or
whatever keys (I bind F1, F2, and F3 to window manager functions for
reasons that go back to the days of uwm, in 1985 or so).  The Gimp
shouldn't go around assuming that it's being used under Linux, much
less being run on something with a standard PC keyboard.

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