Raphael wrote on Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2000 20:48:
>Some other programs stick to the (MS?) guideline: use Alt for opening
>the menus, and Ctrl or Ctrl-Shift for invoking some action directly
>without opening the menus.

I personally think the problem with timecop (besides not using a real name) 
is: he is using WinXX and thinks the MS way is the one and only.  And 
thought MS has a great usability lab, we must think about the Unix way!  
Being inspired by MacOS, BeOS, Nextstep and even WinXX but finding a truely 
unix solution.

>Using the Alt key for opening the menus (toolbox menu or image menu)
>would mean that the (very useful) Alt-F shortcut would have to go.  It
>would have to be re-assigned to some Ctrl-key combination.  A lot of
>other shortcuts would have to be replaced, but in the end I think that
>the final result could actually be easier to use for everybody.
>Please do think about it for a minute instead of throwing the idea
>away because of timecop's arrogance.  I tried to think about the pros
>and cons, and I think that a more consistent way of assigning the
>shortcuts could help in the long run.
>Anyway, this is a major change that should definitely not go into 1.2,
>but maybe it should be considered for 1.3/1.4.

And it is a change that has to be made in gtk+ and not in the gimp!  Gtk+ 
has to provide a way for navigating through menus and gimp has to implement 
it.  And BTW must be synched between gnome and kde (aka gtk+ and qt)!

>> > I imagine most of you *hate* the Win95 key that you get for free on
>> > most keyboards (all of them now, actually) - but why not put it to
>> > good use?  Why not make it open the gimp's right click menu?
>> Because Gimp already uses too much modifiers, and the "Windows"-Key is
>> IMHO the perfect key to control the Windowmanager.
>Right.  I have two new keyboards in my office.  One is attached to a
>Sun workstation, the other one to a PC.  None of them has a Windows
>key.  A colleague of mine has a keyboard with this key, but it is used
>by his window manager.  Since the key is grabbed by the WM, the Gimp
>does not even see it when you press it.

Hey, the tux-key ;-) is a normal key and if you want to bind a special 
function to it you are free to use the tools your system offers (may it be 
XF86Conf or xmodmap) to do so.  This is nothing an application should do!

Remember the issue with Backspace and Delete.  There would be no problem if 
no program thinks it knows something about the outer world ;-)))  Or if all 
problems have an option to tell them what to think!

Just my 0.2 EUR

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