"Garry R. Osgood" wrote:

> Well, after two weeks of trying the new behaviour, I find myself
> not liking it and request that the initial range transform from
> old to new just be the identity transform, as it was
> before.

I'm not in front of my Linux box right now, and I was changing the
levels and curves tools at the same time, so these comments may
apply to either or both, I'm not sure ...

The reason I made the change is that:
* the tool (one of them, at least) _did_ actually keep the old
settings, it just didn't display the parameters correctly; and
* the reset button is right there, if you need it.

I also figured that it's easier to reset if you don't want the
old settings, than it is to find them again if you do. The bug
report specifically talked about applying the same transform
to multiple images, so at least one person uses that facility.

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