On Wednesday, 13 Dec 2000, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:

> "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
> > 
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-12-13 at 0057.14 +0100):
> > > I think it would be a good idea to add a grid function like some other
> > 
> > Are you speaking about something like the Perl scripts that create a
> > grid and remove guides?
> i ran one of those to make a grid of guides, but it would be nice to
> have a grid that isn't the same as guides.

If you just want a visual aid, how about using
<Image>/Filter/Render/Pattern/Grid...  ?

You can put it on a separate layer, and adjust the opacity to just
have them showing through.

It won't do your snapping though.


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