David Hodson wrote:

> The reason I made the change is that:
> * the tool (one of them, at least) _did_ actually keep the old
> settings, [The curve tool ], it just didn't display the
> parameters correctly; and
> * the reset button is right there, if you need it.

True, almost -- never displayed nor applied parameters initially.
A "feature-in-waiting" I think,

> I also figured that it's easier to reset if you don't want the
> old settings, than it is to find them again if you do.

Also true.

> The bug report specifically talked about applying the same transform
> to multiple images, so at least one person uses that facility.

This, I gather, is Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, his first point
in #33399. The change certain makes that workflow easier to perform
(See http://bugs.gnome.org/db/33/33399.html).

I certainly glad you've done the spadework (Thank you, again,
David) and your interpretation of what to do is certainly reasonable,
but I now find the tool less facile for my work, where I really *don't* like
a setting that I've "disposed" of suddenly come back to life, and now
have to explicitly reset it away.

Here is what I propose:

1. There is now a "latency" bug where, when the curve tool is brought up
   with a non-identity transform, it is not immediately applied, so the
   setting of the tool is not reflected in the state of the image. That
   becomes the basis of a (minor, almost cosmetic, and easily corrected)
   bug report. The image should immediately align with whatever transform
   is being applied by any interactive, image_map-based tool (curves,
   levels, color balance, hue-saturation, brightness-contrast, threshold,

2. Among the interactive tools, the curve tool has a now-activated and
   unique "persistence" feature that some people like and others don't.
   In the course of fixing 1., I propose adding a "Persist?" setting. For
   those who prefer to start their search for a nice transform from the
   identity transform, they can disable this toggle and get the older

Is this a reasonable course?

Thank you all, for your time.

Be good, be well


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