Tino Schwarze <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Follow Unix philosophy: Use
> tools which are already there.
> I propose:
> 1. let the user use the package tool she wants
> 2. make plugins relocateable (I guess, not only RPM can do that)
> 3. provide easy integration of any additional files (help, data etc.) by
> means of directory structure etc.
> We do not need to care how one gets those Plugin packages. We do not
> need to care for depencies (we should however propose a standard way to
> name depencies). 

I aggree. It shouldn't be our task to think about binary distributions.
We brought up the issue because we think that having all plug-ins in the
main tree does not make sense in the long run for the following reasons:

- The core maintainers shouldn't have to care about maintaining plug-ins.
- The plug-in authors shouldn't have to worry about the gimp core. 
- Bug reports, patches, etc. should go to the plug-in maintainers directly
  instead of being handled by the core developers.
- Gimp gets too large with all the plug-ins included (think of package 
  size and overlhy crowded menus).

I do not think that the current approach of using a sourceforge 
gimp-plugins module is a good idea. The core and the plug-ins should be
on the same CVS server. This would allow us to include core plug-ins 
virtually into the main gimp CVS tree and it will make it easier for 
core developers to apply changes to a whole bunch of plug-ins that 
become necessary after an API change in libgimp. If gnome-cvs can not
do this for us (because it only has all-or-nothing permissions), we
need to look for another CVS server. Eventually our employer 
convergence could help, I'll ask.

> We just need to care for a place to install the plugins
> in so that Joe User is able to install a binary plugin without root
> access.

We already have that: ./gimp-1.2/plug-ins 
and we have a tool that helps with from-source installation of simple
plug-ins: gimptool. What we should think about are some rules all
plug-in packages have to follow to make it easy to compile, install
and package them. A description file should be part of these rules.
Another thing that should be mandatory is that each plug-in needs to 
have a maintainer.

Salut, Sven

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