We should keep in mind that the vast majority of Gimp users are not
compiling from source.  A shell script is not something those folks
understand.  Their reaction will be... Heh.. Where are all the plugins,
this sucks!

Then large numbers of them will post to the gimp-devel list wondering WTF
happened to all the plugins.

Would it be possible to have a menu, something like

Xtns > Plugins > Update Plugins...

And some sort of cuddley GUI driven crapplet that compares the users
plugins to the official plugin FTP archive or one of its mirrors.  Users
could pick and choose the plugins they would like to upgrade or install
and have a chance to un-install stuff they don't like.

Its been stated many times on this list that our goal it to make the GIMP
_better_ than any other similar program, bar none.  IMHO you can't be the
best if you ship without plugins and expect your user community to compile
from source.

Thanks for your consideration.
Jon Winters http://www.obscurasite.com/

   "Everybody loves the GIMP!" 

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