"Garry R. Osgood" wrote:

> Here is what I propose:
> 1. There is now a "latency" bug where, when the curve tool is brought up
>    with a non-identity transform, it is not immediately applied

(when preview is on) - yes, this is indeed easily fixable. Although if
we reset, it doesn't matter ...

> 2. Among the interactive tools, the curve tool has a now-activated and
>    unique "persistence" feature that some people like and others don't.
>    In the course of fixing 1., I propose adding a "Persist?" setting.

Or perhaps OK / Apply / Cancel buttons?
"Go back to last applied setting" button?

> Is this a reasonable course?

Yes it is, but then we would want to change all the other tools to
be consistent. I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of
waiting for 1.2! My suggestion is: reset the sucker, in line with
all the other tools, and think about introducing a streamined
and consistent method for saving "favourite" parameter settings
for tools (and plugins!) in 1.3. Anything else would be running
awfully close to adding new features, and we wouldn't want to
do that.

So, who decides?

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